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My Special World


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EIN: 88-1555030

Helping Special Kids be more active


My Special World is a place where special needs kids can join in virtual and in-person activities such as dancing and athletic activities.  

Thank you for joining us and learning about our passion to help special needs kids achieve excitement and physical activities while having FUN!

By contributing just one dollar, you can move help us provide FUN and physical activities to special needs children.  


The idea of bringing FUN and happiness to physical activities was started by Brandon Riggs, who enjoyed has enjoyed dancing and athletics since he was a little boy.  Brandon continues to dance and spread happiness to everyone he meets.  Join our mission as we gift special needs kids with the happiness of dancing and physical activities!

Smiles win!


What drives us. Every day.

My Special World works to bring happiness through the art of dancing and physical activities in order to encourage special needs kids to feel comfortable with being happy and smiling as much as possible.  Our principals are simple, move, smile and improve your emotional and physical well being.


We're supporting

Our intention is to provide in-person and virtual dancing events, physical activities, and competitive sporting events for special needs kids.  My Special World will provide education on the importance of being active while lecturing on the importance of technology in being active.  

My Special World was conceived by Brandon and his love for running and dancing.  He is taking that love and sharing it with special needs kids all over the country through @myspecialworld.org on TikTok currently.

Brandon will never stop dancing and being physical so you can join in on the FUN.


Reach out to My Special World through email if you have any questions.

My Special World is here for all Special Needs children, you just need to have the desire to have FUN.  My Special World is a non-profit based in the root of truly helping kids, parents, and organizations to spread the word of physical activities and the fun of dancing.  

My Special World believes in KIDS FIRST.  We are backed by world class professionals to build world class activities for Special Needs children.  If you wish to build with us based on our mission we welcome you with open arms!

Learn more about my program below:

  • Have the special needs kids be in front of the school including red carpet entrances, special seating arrangements, and personalized attention
  • Provide dancing entertainment for the students and even invite special needs kids to join us
  • Motivational speaking to prepare the students for the future such as Middle School/High School and to never give up
  • Encourage students to create or improve clubs for special kids
  • Encourage kids to tutor the special needs kids for higher grades
  • Encourage others to invite the special kids to join school clubs, activities and more!

Brandon Riggs has been happy and physical his entire life. He ran track in Jr. High, High School, and on a Private Team. He has always danced no matter where he was and what type of music was playing. He also served as Student Council Juniors Spirit Director and then the School Student Body Spirit Director for Desert Vista High School located in Phoenix, Arizona. He also participated for 7 years in talent shows as a dancer and many people say he has the best Moonwalk in the world! Beyond his physical pursuits, Brandon harbors a deep-seated passion for advocating the principles of the Least Restrictive Environment (LRE) in educational settings for special kids. He tirelessly encourages students and parents alike to comprehend their rights and the importance of ensuring that children with special needs can participate as fully as possible in mainstream educational activities. Brandon believes that every child, regardless of their abilities, should be afforded the opportunities to learn, grow, and showcase their unique talents in an environment that is as unrestricted and inclusive as possible.

 You can find Brandon Riggs on LinkedIn

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